Quality Leads

The Funding Platform starts with high quality lead sources that are either generated via our own marketing efforts, and/or purchased on your behalf.


With the use of the most advanced phone systems, a highly trained staff with decades of financial experience will contact each investor, making 300 to 500 dials per day. The phone representatives will confirm they are an accredited investor verbally, make sure they have a high level of interest in your company, and ask for the minimum that the investor has to invest right now.

Appointments & Warm Transfers

If the investor qualifies, The Funding Platform will attempt to warm transfer the investor over to you. If you are unavailable or on another call, the representative will set an appointment and mark it in your calendar with the name, phone, email, min amount, and notes of the investor.


Once the warm transfer or appointment has been made, it is your responsibily to discuss the financials of the offering, send the PPM, close the deal, and verify accreditation of the investor (we have 3rd parties that can do this for you at a low cost).

Our Team

The Funding Platform Request

We do not accept all private placement offerings, so we ask that you fill out the form below and let us know a little about your offering, how much you are looking to raise, and what your budget is for our services. Thank you.

Or, For Immediate Service Call Us At (855) 633-8635


Our pricing ranges from $120 to $150 per warm transfer or appointment depending on volume, with a minimum order of 10. This is all-inclusive and includes the accredited investor lead acquisition, phone software, phone room setup, script development, and phone support with 3 representatives.

Volume Discounts

Our minimum order is 10 warm transfers/appointments and discounted pricing starts at 50 warm transfers/appointments.

10 - 50 is $150/per
51 -100 is $140/per
101 - 200 is $130/per
Over 200 is $120/per

Questions? Call us (855) 633-8635