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Taking your deal Digital with The Funding Platform:

An Internet Multichannel Promotion and Advertising Platform for Regulation D 506c Private Offerings

The Funding Platform combines technology and human expertise to assist private issuers and placement agencies to promote Reg. D 506c private placement offerings. The Funding Platform as a whole, acts as a third party advertising agency on behalf of private issuers and placement agents.

Our service is designed to take advantage of the recently enacted JOBS Act. The Funding Platform seamlessly enables users to conduct a capital raise much more efficiently, while taking advantage of the elimination of the prohibition against general solicitation and general advertising.

Our agency strength lies in our ability to reach targeted affinity groups via a proprietary multichannel Internet marketing engine we have developed and perfected over the last 10 years.

Driving qualified traffic to your deal is what we do best. There is a wide range of possible marketing and advertising combinations to finely target and qualify the audience that is most interested in your offering.

A Proprietary Internet Marketing Engine:

The following is a list of marketing channel options, all of which provide real-time tracking and reporting accessed through the users private dashboard:

  • Social media promotion - This option creates social media accounts dedicated to promoting the issuer's public profile to organizations and individuals that may share a strong affinity for the offering. These include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn and pages are updated daily. Rich media distribution, such as video, is also included.
  • E-mail marketing - This option sets up an affinity e-mail marketing campaign and develops qualified opt-in e-mail lists. Both the number of e-mails to be sent out and the frequency of distribution are determined by the issuer. Professionally designed e-mail
    pieces encourage recipients to click on a graphic that will bring them to the issuer's
    public profile page.

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private placement group

If you’re working with a private placement group or agent, ask about the recent amendment of the Securities Act Reg D ruling, under Jobs Act. This allows private placements to be advertised, giving you more opportunities to reach out to interested investors. The Funding Platform is the perfect venue and channel to facilitate effective promotion for your private offering.

private placement funding

Obtain your private placement funding fast with the help of The Funding Platform. We are strictly a third-party online advertising agency that takes advantage of advanced technology to help you promote your private offering creatively and effectively to a targeted audience of investors who are likely to take interest in your offering.

rule 144a private placement

Rule 144a private placement provides issuers with a safe harbor from the daunting and expensive requirements that the Securities Act impose on private sales of securities. The Funding Platform helps private placement brokers as well as issuers who want to speed up the search for investors to fund their offerings by providing them with a multi-channel approach to advertising offerings.

real estate private placement memorandum

Your real estate private placement memorandum can only go as far as you push your offering. Make your private offering even more irresistible to investors with the help of The Funding Platform. We have created a specialized online marketing engine that offers a multiple-channel approach to advertising your private offering.

real estate private placement

Spend less on your real estate private placement and attract more investors in a shorter span of time with the help of The Funding Platform. We provide you with cost-effective and highly efficient marketing solutions to help put your private placement offerings and business ideas in front of the right investors.

ppm consulting

PPM consulting and preparations will cost you a portion of your budget and a great deal of your time. Don't waste any more time and money waiting for investors to take notice of your private offering and take action with the help of The Funding Platform, a powerful marketing and advertising tool that helps promote your private placement to the right investors.

private placement of corporate bonds

It's hard to accomplish private placement of corporate bonds if you don't have enough connections and networks to offer them to. The Funding Platform takes advantage of the New Reg D 506 c ruling, which now allows general solicitation and advertisement of private placements to attract more investors willing to invest on your business.

private placement number

In the past, offerings like private placement number your investment opportunities to only a few individuals within your network. However, with the recent lifting of the ban on general solicitation on private placements, The Funding Platform created a well-designed online marketing engine to help you reach out to more investors through strategic online advertisement, made legal by the amendment of Reg D of the Securities Act.

private placement monitor

The Funding Platform can also serve as your private placement monitor to determine how well your offering is progressing, funding wise. The tool was created to assist placement agencies and private issuers with the promotion of their private offerings under the Reg D 506 c ruling of the Securities Act.

private placement memorandum real estate

Private placement memorandum real estate is a formal document that is used in private placements stipulating important investment elements like the objective of the offering, the risks involved as well as the terms of the investment. You need to secure this memorandum so you can start advertising for your offering. The Funding Platform is an excellent platform for promoting these kinds of offerings and private placements.

private placement memorandum

A private placement memorandum not only serves to provide a detailed description of your business and your finances, but to provide information that will help protect buyers and sellers from liabilities associated with unregistered securities. The Funding Platform bridges the gap between sellers and buyers, providing you with efficient marketing channels to promote your private offering.

private placement memo

Now that you have your private placement memo ready, all that's left to do is attract investor interest towards your offering. The Funding Platform provides you with the perfect avenue to showcase what your business has to offer through a wide range of online marketing channels that target the very investors you need.

private placement leads

Having trouble looking for private placement leads? The Funding Platform puts you closer to prospective investors through highly effective advertising and online marketing strategies, handpicked for the exact needs of your offering. We work with private placement brokers and issuers to get them in front of the best investors for their business.

private placement due diligence

Make sure you have done all private placement due diligence requirements before embarking on any promotional activity for your private offering. This is to ensure that you are not violating any terms of the ruling that may get you disqualified for securities exemption. The Funding Platform is always here to help you with marketing once you are prepared to get your offering in front of investors.

private placement agent agreement

When working with a private placement agent agreement must be made on everything, especially when it comes to seeking investors for your offering. The Funding Platform is the best avenue for private placement brokers as well as issuers to leverage the internet and its marketing channels to reach out to the best investors that can help advance your capital raise.

private equity placements

Private equity placements need to attract various investors and institutions, private individuals like high net worth people, and similar entities to invest capital on your business venture. Capitalizing on the lifting of the ban on general advertisement for these kinds of offerings, The Funding Platform now offers great solutions to help startup owners and private placement issuers promote their offerings to investors.

private equity placement

Private equity placement can be good for the life of your business, especially when you are planning expansion, or even when trying to initiate a startup. Private equity is an excellent financing solution for different stages along a business' risk continuum. The Funding Platform lets you put your private placement offerings in front of the right investors.

confidential private placement memorandum

A confidential private placement memorandum is a legal document stipulating the objectives, risks, as well as the terms of investment in a private placement. Talk to your broker about this and the lifting of prohibition on general advertisement for private placement offerings via the 2013 Jobs Act, which The Funding Platform specializes in.

broker dealer private placement

Talk to your broker dealer private placement professional about the recently amended Reg D 506 C ruling, which now allows general solicitation and advertisement on private offerings. The Funding Platform is the first and only online advertising agency that takes advantage of this new ruling to help startups and issuers promote their offerings online.

144a private placement market

Tap into the 144a private placement market with the help of The Funding Platform. We have created an effective online marketing engine that combines the efficiency of technology with human expertise and takes advantage of the ban lift on general solicitation on private placements, giving you more funding opportunities than ever.

start up companies

Start up companies need a reliable funding source to make sure the first stages of their business operation are covered financially. This is where the Funding Platform comes in, offering you with the best services that can help you track down the right investors to invest in your business, however small or large your start up may be.

ways to raise money

There are great many ways to raise money for the first phases of your business. Before you become a self sufficient company, you need the help of investors to get your idea going. The Funding Platform gives you access to a wide network of investors who are always on the lookout for new businesses and potential successes like your start up idea.

raising capital for a startup

Raising capital for a startup can be done in a lot of ways, ranging from acquiring secured or unsecured loans to various equity funding strategies and newer methods like crowd funding. If you are interested in online crowd funding, don't forget to check out our services here at The Funding Capital.

reg d 506 c promotion

Reg D 506 C promotion is a lot easier with the help of The Funding Platform. Our services are grounded on the recently signed JOBS Act, enabling users to raise their required capital efficiently by taking advantage of our multichannel internet marketing platform that connects users with the best investors.

raise capital online

Running a startup can be very challenging and raising capital is often the biggest concern. Since businesses require funds to push through with every step of development, investments must be made. The Funding Platform can provide you with a solid program that can help you raise capital online while keeping your business plan intact.

private placements

Private placements are high risk and high reward dealings, but done well, it can be very beneficial for your business. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of private placement investments take a look at our business funding services, designed for budding entrepreneurs and investors here at The Funding Platform.

how to raise funds

Here at The Funding Platform, we will teach you how to raise funds for your business start up, using some of the most advanced tools and technologies that will connect you to the best investors interested in the product, service, and business you want to put up. Call us now to know more.

funding for small business

Whether you are looking for sufficient funding for small business or a big capital for a large investment, you need an effective plan that can help you attract the most ideal investors for the project. The Funding Platform is a one-of-a-kind funding service that provides you with advanced solutions and techniques to help market your business.

business start up funding

Initiating a business can be challenging, but the starting phase is also one of the most exciting periods of your business venture, especially when you are only gathering your business start up funding. Your capital may come from a wide range of sources, but if you want to take advantage of the benefits of equity financing, you can seek help from companies like The Funding Platform that can help you take the baby steps in putting up your business.

accredited investor

Looking for an accredited investor to help you with your upcoming startup? Then The Funding Platform is the place for you. We are the only online venue that can help you promote and advertise your business pitch for Regulation D private offerings, and other placements via a well-developed multichannel online marketing engine.